Studio Presentation



Cemelesai, my given name in Payuan language, is the source for the name of my production studio. My experience in the music industry extends well over a decade. Throughout that time, the creation of a professional working environment has been my unswerving goal.

In January 2016, I decided to build a work environment that I could truly call my own.
Although not as large as commercial pop music studios, no compromise has been made with respect to technical standards and user-friendly personal comfort. My choice of production equipment says it all: Cemelesai Studio strives to capture and preserve the highest quality possible.

Cemelesai Studio is focused on serving the needs of independent production and commercial music applications. The Studio offers a full range of services, including recording, soundtrack production, effects, and post-production.

Cozy and well-appointed, The Studio offers three distinct spaces. The Control Room is specified for recording, arrangement, and post-production; the Tracking Room is devoted to doing voice-overs, as well as vocal and instrumental recording; and, finally, the Living Room offers a comfortable space for meetings, rest, chatting, relaxing, dreaming and sharing inspiration.

Although modest in its dimensions, Cemelesai Studio provides a vastly soulful environment, furnished with excellent equipment for discerning users. My aim is to use this space to enable clients to realize their creative vision in the most professional and enjoyable way possible.